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How to Flash Firmware of ELRS RX/TX

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  • Kevin Wgl


    I try to flash my RX via Betaflightpassthrougt, and i have this message :

    A fatal error occurred: Failed to connect to ESP8266: Invalid head of packet (0x38)
    *** [upload] Error 2

    The led flash slowly and i dont see any wifi from the RX. Did i something wrong?

  • Kathy

    @Kevin Wgl 

    Hi Sir,
    The article about "How to Flash Firmware of ELRS RX/TX" has been updated. Please check it and try again.
    If it still fails to work, welcome to submit a support ticket to get help. Create a new ticket
    Please attach a video about your operation when you open a ticket. Hope that can help you.
  • Michael Ford

    Has anything changed for elrs v2? I'm unable to update my elrs aio rx with these instructions. BF passthrough fails.

  • elpinguinofrio

    I just bought new HX115LR and I can't even fly this thing because your tutorial doesn't work!



  • alessandro

    hi, I have a problem with your nano module and the 900 receiver. I have flashed both of them with the same version, the latest. The bind works but the flight distance is very short, it goes in faisafe at 1 km !! I updated the Taranis x-lite radio and uploaded the new LUA file as recommended. Everything seems to work but the distance is bad. What do you recommend to do? thank you

  • Roman


    flashing my Lite RX/2.4GHz via Betaflight passthrough, gives me following error:

    A fatal error: Failed to connect to ESP8266: Invalid head of packet (0x80)

    The led is steady blue. ELRS version is 1.2.0. FC is GEPRC GEP-F4-12A.

    Thank you 


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