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Manual for Nano TX V2 Module

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  • Dtn2004

    Hi, I can't figure out the module(Nano TX V2 Module 2.4), I have a Cetrus X(Frsky) kit.
    but the drone from this set broke down and I got a new one but it is on Elrs 2.4, and after that I bought a module(Nano TX V2 Module), but when I installed it, it seems to conflict with the remote (LiteRadio 3 Radio Transmitter) I tried different firmware and on the remote and different versions of Elrs on the module, but on the drone I did not change the firmware, in the photo I will attach what happens when you connect to different firmware, but when you rollback the remote to firmware 1.0.X the drone at least sees the movement of the sticks but not correctly as if I do not move the stick to the end, with version 2.0.X is displayed as if all in position 988 and generally no reaction to the movement of the sticks, when trying to put firmware from other versions of the remote or the same problem or does not switch on the remote, tell me if you know about such a problem and if so what can be the solution


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