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  • Nik

    Hello! Purchased a set of BETAFPV Cetus. I can't configure OSD there is no display of any information. The copter switches to OSD mode, but the information is also not displayed. Please help!! Sincerely, Nik.

  • Papojames

    Same of Nik my Cetus doesn't provide osd through the googles

  • Jerome lombardo

    Are they gonna offer the Cetus X Rtf kit on Amazon??? Unfortunately the only way I can purchase it is with my credits on Amazon so im limited in the hobby. Thanks 

  • Bobby key

    I'd just like to state the fact that I literally have a bag of 9 elrs lite Rx's and an elrs module for the lite radio, and every last one of them are 100% faulty.. That's over $200 I've spent in the last year on products from your company that have not worked for some reason. And I'm here to say I'm done with this nonsense. I'm not sure why I let myself get purchase so many before I got tired of it, but I'm done. Farewell. Purchase at your own risk folks.


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