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  • Lmcummings99

    Looking for a replacement Flight Controller and frame for a Beta95v2

  • Sivatkin

    What usual time for answer? Im waiting for 4 days for it

  • Kerstingjesper

    hello soft camera has to go in the cetus x i have already ordered 3 of them none of them fit

  • Cama

    It's really nice to have a comment section here. I wanted to talk about my first ever purchase.

    I purchased the Cetus Pro Kit with extra batteries and spent over $300. When I recieved my drone, there were firmware issues.

    The headset doesn't show flight times and goes to a black bugged out screen instead. There is no LAYOUT tab in settings to even modify the OSD and the connection cuts out a bunch from the smallest bumps or flips. I checked the internals and no chips are loose.

  • AlphA

    12 days passed and my order is still not processed, it says that the address information is not enough but i usually use it on every website, what should I do?


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