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CLI for Meteor75 (2022)

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  • william freeze

    I bought a METEOR 75 PRO DRONE but i got no booklet on how to fly it or what modes there are or how to remove probs if needed nothing so I 'm a little confused here I would think you would get a booklet on how to fly and what not ohhh i got the drone yesterday and I noticed a issues that will come from normal flying and that is the power cable is not long enough its too short you have to bend the end of the plug to get it to the battery and as you fly the more you bend it it will sooner oir later break like my cetus pro drone the power cable broke at the point of connection to the battery so I made sure it does not happen to this one SO PLEASE MAKE THOSE POWER CABLES LONGER thank you Love the drone fast little sucker and very stable I'm totaly shocked seriously...... 


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