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How to Bind with F4 Betaflight FC (SPI ExpressLRS Receiver)

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  • Johnny

    There are two ways to bind the receiver,Button Binding and Binding Phrase.

  • Multisoft

    Hello, I buy F4 1S 12A AIO V2.2
    In this FC not work WiFi in ELRS?
    I want to install ELRS 3.1.1.
    I waited several minutes with the transmitter turned off but WiFi does not appear. I reconnected the power 3 and 4 times, but still WiFi does not work.

    I also have F4 5A AIO, WiFi works in it. But there ELRS work only with UART1, since ELRS does not work via SPI, you need to install Meteor65 firmware in it ELRS uses UART1.

  • Manulinicola

    I have Lite radio 3, I can't bind Pavo Pico FC F4 ELRS. I try for all day and night. I give up!!!

    I will install a external RX. 


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