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Manual for LiteRadio 3

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  • Sosa Gerardo
    I made a bind with a frsky xm plus receiver and the lite 3 radio (frsky version), later I made a bind with my old radio (Taranis QX7) and it did not bind again, nor with the lite radio either, reinstall the firmware of the XM receiver to the XM+170313 version and nothing, it seems the receiver broke down.
    I tried another receiver, RXSR and in the same way, it opened, I reinstalled the firmware FW-RXSR-ACCST_v191128 and nothing, this is damaged, I cannot link it, neither with the lite radio 3, nor with the taranis Q.
    In conclusion, the lite radio 3, spoils the frsky receivers and they cannot be recovered when upgrade or downgrade the firmware  :(


  • Manulinicola

    Please somebody tell me how to bind the Lite Radio 3 ELRS version with Pavo Pico ?

  • Chrisdaddio8

    @Manulinicola @Vita1991 OK when I first bought the Pavo pico I was having the same problems I did what they said to do but nothing was working so this is what I did and it worked. Gonna try to explain it the best way I can. Open the express LRS configurator, but do not connect to the express LRS Wi-Fi use your home Wi-Fi. Find your 2 targets. Bypass the binding phrase do not use one. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. There is two buttons one says build, and one says build and flash click on the one that says, build and flash when that’s done, the receiver should be updated to the firmware as your remote control. But you still might have to update the firmware on your remote control. Because if your receiver firmware is updated to 3.1.3 and your remote control firmware is 2.1.1. it will not bind a 3.1 firmware will not bind with a 2.1 firmware . “”Those numbers are just an example””  Now, to bind it, plug the battery in the pavo three times let the leds come on and on the third time, leave it plugged in, turn on your remote control. Go to where your bind buttons are and push it. now this way has always worked for me because I bought the Pavo pico, the Pavo 20 and the Pavo 25 V2 and that’s the only way I got it to bind. Hopefully my comment wasn’t confusing and you understood what I was saying and everything worked out for you. Hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year. If not, please email me I’ll make a video doing it explaining how and I’ll email it to you. My email address is. All lowercase letters….                                            one more thing. Do not type in BIND_RX in the CLI Tab in the  BETAFLIGHT configurator. IT DOESNT WORK NO MATTER WHICH WAY YOU TYPE IT IN. Even in the latest firmware from Beta flight. The way I explained it to you took me about five minutes, and I was flying

  • Vita1991

    When trying to flash, the software and hardware froze and now won't turn on. I sent a request to tech support, but no one has responded for almost a week(


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