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Manual for LiteRadio 3

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  • Sosa Gerardo
    I made a bind with a frsky xm plus receiver and the lite 3 radio (frsky version), later I made a bind with my old radio (Taranis QX7) and it did not bind again, nor with the lite radio either, reinstall the firmware of the XM receiver to the XM+170313 version and nothing, it seems the receiver broke down.
    I tried another receiver, RXSR and in the same way, it opened, I reinstalled the firmware FW-RXSR-ACCST_v191128 and nothing, this is damaged, I cannot link it, neither with the lite radio 3, nor with the taranis Q.
    In conclusion, the lite radio 3, spoils the frsky receivers and they cannot be recovered when upgrade or downgrade the firmware  :(


  • Manulinicola

    Please somebody tell me how to bind the Lite Radio 3 ELRS version with Pavo Pico ?


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