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SMO 4K video mode issue after firmware update

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  • Rlampatta

    i have this problem..the camera i was buy 7 day ago.. now i cant use that..i need help.. please give me advice or solve my problem

  • Anatoliy

    Hello, I have a problem with the camera firmware stuck on the blue indicator. Now the camera does not work and I can not connect through the application via wi-fi, tell me what to do?

  • Lucas

    Buenas tardes, tengo el mismo problema que tiene muchos usuario, actualice el firmware y la camara no emite mas wifi y la luz azul queda prendida.
    Necesito solucionarlo ya que no puedo volver a conectarla.

    Realice el tutorial publicado pero no cambio nada .

  • Edgar Valles

    I just had an issue connecting to my SMO4k with iOS 17.5

    i updated the firmware to 1.2.18 but i could not connect with the app.

    tech support to me to update my camera to firmware v1.2.64 and it works now


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