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Manual for SMO 4K

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  • duncan wilson

    This manual would be better if it provided mounting specifications, ie mounting bolt size, mount measurements. Makes it easier for people creating stls to use with your product.

  • Ermantokbay

    is there any tool  for recover corrupted video file?

  • Kathy


    Hi Sir, sorry to tell you that there is no way to recover the video file corrupted.

  • Jeff copus

    I can't find any other place to request support, so here goes.  My SMO 4k now only records fuzzy video.  It seems to focus within about 2 to 6 inches.  Anything past that is fuzzy and out of focus.  Is there any way to adjust the focus?

    It was recording fine. Now, no matter what I do it is fuzzy.  I have connect the phone app to the camera, it is set to 4K 60 fps, pretty much all settings are Auto. It is ultrawide format.

    Help would be appreciated.

    -- Jeff --

  • Kathy

    @Jeff copus

    Hi Sir, please click the link to get a support: Create a new ticket

    Our technical colleague will help you. Thank you.

  • Joci

    Will you have stabilization support on smo4k for fullhd resolution as well? 

  • Ivan Grozny

    The camera overheats and turns off after 5 minutes of video recording 4K 60. The temperature is 98 degrees Celsius. Forced cooling is required ! if you install a small radiator through the thermal pad, the temperature will be 81 degrees Celsius after 1 hour


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