The value of the transmitter joystick has been calibrated by default. The value can be calibrated if the value is incorrect when you use it.

The firmware version of LiteRadio V2 is OpenTX 2.2.4. To ensure its compatibility, we recommend you to use the OpenTX Companion 2.2.4 software.

Please follow the steps below to calibrate the joystick of the LiteRadio V2.

1. Open the OpenTX Software.

2. Connect the transmitter to your PC via USB. If everything is normal, the PC will detect the device.

3. Make the transmitter enters the SETUP state.

    Press and hold the SETUP button, then press the power button. Then, release the SETUP and power button. The computer will detect the device.

4. Load the configuration of the transmitter. Return to the the interface of upper monitor, as shown in the pic, click the second button in the left menu bar (read the model and configuration from the transmitter).

5. Click “Edit Radio Setting” and then click the “calibration”

6. Start calibration 

The parameter’s name in the upper monitor and the transmitter is different, it shows as follows:

Upper Monitor    Transmitter

Rud (course) --------> Rud (course) 

Ele (pitching) --------> Thr (accelerator)

Thr (accelerator) --------> Ele (pitching)

Ail (roll) --------> Ail (roll)

Note: The negative span in the upper monitor refers to the lowest value of the joystick.

          The positive span refers to the maximum value of the transmitter

If the value of “Stick center” is 1500, the value of “Throttle’ should be 1500. If the value of “Throttle’  is higher or lower than 1500, it is incorrect. please follow the below method to modify it. (Take “throttle value is 1401” as an example) 1. Bind the drone with the transmitter.

  Step 1: Change the Mid value to the correct value

Here is the formula to calculate the correct Mid value:

If the Value of Stick center is less than 1500, please use this formula.

Current Mid value -  [(Value of Stick center - Value of Throttle) * 2]

970 - [(1500 - 1401) * 2] = 772 

If the Value of Stick center is greater than 1500, please use this formula.

Current Mid value +  [(Value of Throttle - Value of Stick center) * 2]

574 + [(1599 - 1500) * 2] = 772

  Step 2: Set the Mid value to 772

7. After the calibration is complete, write the configuration.

  Step 1: Close the window

  Step 2: Write the configuration