Note: Only the following Betafpv FC could support JESC Firmware - Toothpick F4 2-4S AIO Brushless FC 12A, Toothpick F4 2-4S AIO Brushless FC 20A, F4 AIO 2-4S Brushless FC 12A, F4 2-4S AIO Brushless FC 20A and F4 1-2S AIO Brushless FC.

And please upgrade the FC firmware to betaflight 4.1.x and Betaflight Configurator to 10.6.0 for better using and debugging JESC firmware. 

How to Flash

1. Please purchase JESC firmware first, here is the purchase link: You need to purchase 4 ESC Firmware  at least so that you can finish the flash process for your FC.

2. Install JESC-Configurator, here is the download link: Please note that Blheli configurator cannot support to debug JESC firmware.

3. Connect FC with battery and USB at the same time, open JESC-Configurator and click "connect" to read the ESC info.

  • Choose "Flash All"

  • Choose the right ESC firmware. Different FC might have different ESC firware, it might be G-H30 or J-H30. If you do not sure about it, please use BLHeli configuration or our product page to check.
  • Choose the newest JESC firmware.
  • Tick "Ignore inappropriate MCU and layout".
  • Click " Flash" and wait until all four ESC have been flashed. 

4. Click "Flash All Telemetry".

How to Set the Parameter on Betaflight

If JESC firmware has been successfully installed and flashed, please set the Betaflight as belows.

1. Open Betaflight Configurator 10. 6. 0, then set Gyro update frequency and PID loop frequency to 4kHZ and 4kHZ on Configuration Tab.

2. Open Bidirectional DShont and set motor poles. Motor poles refer to the magnets number of motor rotor. For example, 110X and 0802 motor are 12.

3. Click "Save"

How to Check It Has Been Installed Successfully or Not

Connect FC with battery and USB and connect to betaflight. In the "Motors" tab, push the motor, you can see the actual spin speed of the motor. The figure shows that Bidirectional DShont has been implemented. Shown as below pics, it means that Bidirectional DShont has been enabled.

Note: The old CLI might not be suitable for your setting anymore since it was upgraded to betaflight 4.1.x. So please pay attention to the motor's temperature at the first flight and adjust the CLI accordingly.

About the use of PRM filters, please check this link: