Note: The DSMX receiver used on the 65x and 75x is different from the one we used before. 

There's no a bind button on this mico DSMX receiver and the binding procedure is also completely different.


1, Connect to betaflight, switch to the Ports page, select serial RX after UART1, do not select serial RX after other UARTs, click the save and reboot button.

2. After the reboot is successful, switch to the configurator page, select the Serial-based receiver in Receiver Mode, select SPEKTRUM2048 in the serial receiver provider, and then click the save and reboot button.

3. Switch to the CLI page, Type  set spektrum_sat_bind = 9 on the command line, then enter, Type save then enter, If done correctly the drone will reboot, if you need to try the bind multiple times, you can enter spektrum_sat_bind_autoreset = OFF before saving. Unplug the USB.

4. Connect the battery to the drone. At this time, the LED on the receiver should flash quickly, turn on the transmitter, and start the bind. Until the LED is always on. If the LED goes out after the transmitter bind ends, you need to try the bind again.

5. Turn on the radio and select bind mode. Wait a moment. It means bind successfully if the light on receiver keeps solid.