The best way to find out which firmware you have on your radio is to go to the model screen on your taranis, and go to the internal RF mode setting. Depending on the version of firmware you have you will be able to select different options.

  • D8, D16, LR12 - if you can select all three then you have the FCC firmware version and is what was installed by default to all taranis radios before 2015 and is still being used on all non-EU taranis radios.
  • D16 only - This means that you have one of the first versions of the EU-LBT firmware versions on your taranis, if this is the case its a good idea to upgrade all of your equipment.
  • D16, LR12 - this means that you have the newest EU-LBT firmware on your taranis and you can use the radio for both the X-series and L-series receivers. Generally if you have purchased any Frsky equipment after 2016 it will have this version on it.