Welcome aboard whoopers! In this article, we will tell you how to take off the Beta65S ( Frsky Version ) using TX02.

In order to get the Beta65S rip off, you need to complete two main steps.

  • Bind the drone, a step to pair the drone with the radio controller, in this case it's the TX02.
  • Arm the drone,

OK, let's go ahead to see the details.

How to Bind the 65S (Frsky Version) to TX02

Step 1

Power on the board, either by connecting the battery or USB power. Then the green receiver LED start to flash.

Step 2
Press the bind button for 3s. Then the green receiver LED will be solid on. This means that the receiver is in bind mode and you could start to bind your radio transmitter.

Step 3

Now, on the TX02, please press the "rudder trim" button while pushing the "power switch" to the right. Then you will hear the Starwars theme song, which means that the TX02 goes to binding mode.

Step 4

The green receiver LED on the FC boards should flash slowly.  You should replug the battery and wait for a moment, the green LED on the FC will be solid on. The binding is successful until now.

How to arm

After you finished the binding procedure, you should press the A button to arm the Beta65S (Frsky)  ( Note: B button is used to disarm the drone, which means that the quad is given the infomation that it can't fly)

If you can't arm the Beta65S successfully, please check the following manual.

1) Keep the quad horizonly when power up.
2) Please pull the throttle stick to the lowest. Make sure the the Stick Low Threshold is high than the mininum value on Throttle as shown below because it might be expecting throttle to below a threshold before arming.

3) If the quad in the preview spins insanely, then you should change the order of the channel map.

You can also check out the Joshua's tutorial video to find out more details.